Hollis Leather is a woman owned leather goods company based in St Louis MO that highlights craftsmanship over mass production.  Each piece is created 100% by hand using locally sourced leather and time-honored leather working techniques.  Customization of color, straps and closures is available to make each bag uniquely yours. 

Artist's Note: I use a classic saddle stitch for almost all my bags It’s the most durable stitching technique that can’t be replicated by a machine. It locks at each stitch you make, so if one stitch happens to come out, the entire line won’t unravel. It’s a more time-consuming process, but I like it because it means I spend more time with each piece, and it is often while I am sewing the body of a bag that I can envision how to finish the piece with decoration and hardware. The results are a long-lasting product – leather ages beautifully, and this construction method complements that longevity.